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We have three ceramic mantel clocks, one of which has a "Wittenberg" marking stamped on the bottom of a vase.
 We think that these clocks may have been produced by the "Wittenberger Steingutfabrik GmbH", founded in 1887 in the Prussian town of Wittenberg.

The model numbers are 373, 375 and 378.

wit_373 wit_375 wit_378


We are very interested in any additional information you would have on these ceramic clocks and their manufacturer, including:

  • When were these clocks produced ? For which markets ?
  • Did they manufacture some other clock models ?
  • Where was the ceramic manufacturer located ?
  • Who founded it and when ?
  • How big did it grow ? When ?
  • Is it still running ? If not, when and why did it close ?
  • ...

We would be really grateful if you could send any information to our curator
Thank you very much...

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