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The ceramic clocks below all appear to come from a same manufacturer. 
They have no other marking than their model number, which is engraved on the back of the clock and  ranges from 10421 to 10828. 

kkk_10 kkk_10 kkk_10 kkk_10
kkk_10 421.jpg
kkk_10 477.jpg
kkk_10 557_danse...
kkk_10 557_ours.jpg
kkk_10 kkk_10 kkk_10 kkk_many
kkk_10 669_tiger...
kkk_10 778.jpg
kkk_10 848.jpg


We are very interested in any information you could have on these ceramic clocks and their manufacturer, including:

  • When were these clocks produced ? For which markets ?
  • Did they manufacture some other clock models ?
  • Where was the ceramic manufacture located ?
  • Who founded it and when ?
  • How big did it grow ? When ?
  • Is it still running ? If not, when and why did it close ?
  • ...

We would be really grateful if you could send any information to our curator
Thank you very much. 

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